Supported Employment for Adults IRIS

Supported Employment for Adults (IRIS Provider)

As the only ABA-based supported employment agency in Wisconsin, ACT provides clinically rigorous, top-tier support for our consumers and their families. Utilizing the science of behavior change, we design and implement a range of evidence-based, individualized employment support interventions for teens and adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Every client’s employment support plan includes opportunities to practice to fluency core job skills required for their particular job responsibilities, focusing on communication, social skills, and task completion. Every plan also includes structured fading of staff and accommodations as is appropriate for each consumer. Should a consumer require interventions for challenging behaviors, ACT staff will develop and implement a community-based behavior support plan written and supervised by senior clinical staff.

ACT aims to include consumers and their families in all areas of employment support, from identifying potential jobs, determining the success of a placement and defining areas for continued skill development. ACT has a proven record of effective support and collaboration with consumers, their families, employers, school transition teams, county and state agencies. ACT looks forward to working with you and your family to meet your employment goals.