Autism Social Skills Therapy Groups Madison WI

Social Skills Therapy Groups / Play Skills Groups / Dyads

Primary features of autism are the absence or delayed emergence of appropriate social skills, play skills and conversational ability. While we treat all these areas with our intensive and non-intensive services, your child can benefit from practice in a group or dyadic setting.

To help generalize these essential skills, we offer a range of engaging group therapies at our clinic. Your child can attend social skills groups concurrently with other levels of service (Intensive, Non-intensive and Therapeutic Consultative) or as the primary method of treatment. Current services are described below and new groups are always forming. Please call the clinic to find one that is the best fit for your child. 

Group Play Skills / Dyadic Play (Ages 2 – 8)

In dyads or small groups, children meet to engage in therapist-facilitated play. Sessions focus on developing age-appropriate play skills, social approaches, social initiations, sharing and thematic pretend play.   

Behavioral Readiness for (Pre)School (Ages 3 – 6)

Sessions focus on developing classroom and social behaviors related to school success such as staying seated, “circle time,” following directions, walking in a line and cooperative play.

Social Thinking™ Series (Ages 4 – 12)

ACT has a Social Thinking™ Clinical Trainee on staff who leads a series of consecutive classes in which children are grouped by age and ability level. The Social Thinking™ curriculum teaches the social-emotional learning necessary to solve social problems, play with others or learn in a group. 

Teen Social Skills (Ages 13 – 18)

Teens meet to practice social and conversational skills with each other, and with typically developing teens, in the clinic and out in the community. These experiences are always fun, and include sporting events, laser tag and arcade trips, to name a few.

Our groups fill up fast! Please call us at (608) 497-3230 to learn more about our current groups and openings!