Madison WI Autism School Consultative Services

School Consultative Services

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has always been a part of educational interventions in public schools. From Positive Behavior Supports, to token economies and how to teach math skills to scheduling breaks; the science of learning is where it all began.

Should an individual child (or children) require additional attention in the classroom to meet expectations or if a classroom is struggling with challenging behaviors (ranging from verbal outbursts, to work refusal and aggression), clinicians trained in ABA can help. 

ACT staff have decades of experience partnering with administrators, classroom teachers, aides and paraprofessionals to increase pivotal academic and learning readiness skills and improve the rates and intensity of a range of challenging behaviors. We can provide classroom observations, data collection, intervention design, and staff support in implementation (including feedback and role playing).

ACT currently provides services under the following models:

Individual interventions: This service includes assessment, intervention, and follow-up for a single student.

Classroom level intervention: This service supports a classroom system experiencing significant disruptions or safety issues.

Continuing professional development: ACT is on the cutting edge of providing advanced professional development for general and special education teachers. 


Our team of School Consultants includes: Senior Consultants, Clinical Directors, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Senior Consultants: Our senior staff has experience working with children of various ages and functioning levels. A Senior has a minimum of 2500 hours of experience creating individualized therapy programs for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. Our staff routinely works with school staff to collaborate on goals that benefit the child in both school and home environment.

ACT Clinic Directors: Matt Nonemacher and Ariel Schneider, our Clinical Directors, assist in data collection, intervention planning and implementation, and the ongoing training of school staff.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA): Erin Van De Hey, M.A., BCBA, Emily Schaidle, M.S., BCBA, Kristen Cooper, M.A., BCBA and Jennie Edes-Pierotti, M.A., BCBA are ACT’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts. They have developed behavior interventions and supports for individuals in their homes, communities, and schools. They use their expertise to identify the functions of problematic behaviors and skill deficits that need to be addressed. Our BCBA’s will work with you to use this information to develop appropriate and effective supports for your students that will work for your staff as well.

Getting Started

ACT understands that all children have unique needs. We are happy to meet with you to discuss our approaches, references, and how your school would benefit from such services.

Please contact our office at (608) 497-3230 to schedule an initial informational meeting. We look forward to meeting with you!