Madison WI Autism Behavior Therapy

Autism Services

Early Intervention Autism Behavior Therapy Madison WI

Early Intervention Autism Behavior Therapy

Our program is as unique as your child. With both intensive and non-intensive in-home therapy, our goal is for your child to learn and thrive in treatment and to enjoy the therapeutic process.

On-going Autism Behavior Therapy

Ongoing Autism Behavior Therapy

Research has shown the earlier we can provide appropriate behavioral interventions for children with autism the better the outcomes, but it has been proven treatment continues to be effective if you start at age 5….or age 25. ACT has an... Read More

Autism Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment Madison WI

Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment of Cognitive and Functional Abilities

Working together to understand your child’s strengths and unique needs

Autism Therapeutic Consultative Services Madison WI

Therapeutic Consultative Services

Teaching new skills and solving focused goals together

Autism Social Skills Therapy Groups Madison WI

Social Skills Therapy Groups / Play Skills Groups / Dyads

Supporting your child every step of the way as they learn to navigate the social world

Supported Employment for Adults IRIS

Supported Employment for Adults (IRIS Provider)

Building confidence and independence with life skills in the home, workforce, and community

Madison WI Autism Recreational Programming

Recreational Programming

Our community-based recreational programs provide an opportunity to build leisure and life skills, under the supervision of trained clinicians.

Madison WI Autism School Consultative Services

School Consultative Services

Collaboration with schools to effectively address behaviors and maximize the potential in each student.